Horses and Geography: Patrolling the US-Mexican Border

CBP Border Patrol agents use horses in the most severe enviroments that regular vehicles cannot negotiate

In a scene that may look more 1800’s than 2000’s, US Border Patrol agents continue to rely on horses for patrolling along the Rio Grande River that separates the US from Mexico. Despite the use of cameras, motion sensors, boats and helicopters, horses are a vital tool in securing the border.

Will a border wall work? It might, but only at great expense given the geography of the river, making the wall an expensive proposition. More importantly, however, and as I noted in an earlier blog (January 27, 2017, “Trump’s Wall: Is it Needed? Will it Work?“) building a border wall will not stop the flow of migrants across the US – Mexico border: other entry points and ways into the country will be found. Sometimes, the tried and true methods, including the use of horses, are the best options.

Further Reading:

Ted Nixon, Patrolling the Border on Four Legs. The New York Times, 18 April 2017. See:

Photo Source: US Customs and Border Protection,


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