The Long Refugee Journey to Canada

Last week (February 9), I wrote about the increasing number of refugees that were entering Canada from the US, risking their lives as they crossed the border in the dead of winter to claim refugee status in Canada. Many of these refugee claimants had incredibly long journeys, travelling to Canada from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East via South America. Most migrants enter South America through Brazil or Bolivia, countries that don’t require visas, and then make the journey northward through Central America. Their journey to the US or Canada can take months as they travel through countries including Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico. Having been denied status in the US, or fearful that they will be deported from the US, an increasing number are now entering Canada, with the number of refugee claimants crossing from the US doubling over the past two years. Although still early, it is likely that 2017 will see a new record set.


Map Source: CBC News.

For additional details and stories, check out:

Migrants coming through Central American corridor wonder what’s next as they dream of Canada. Available at:

Mexico: The waystation from Somalia to Canada, is a video documenting the travels north and can be found here:




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